The Story Of An Adorable And Adoptable 3 Legged Cat

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February 04, 2019 at 9:13 am by weloveanimals


Handicapped pets are incredible. Not only can they live full and happy lives, but also can sometimes pull off tremendous heroic and athletic feats. Older pets can often adapt to disabilities that humans would find unmanageable and have no idea about their limitation due to their disability. On spending some time with them you will quickly realize that, just like any pet, they can enjoy a wide range of activities and are more than capable to give just as much love. Today, we bring you the story of Murari, an AMAZING 3-leg cat!

This story begins with a little cat knocking on the door of a true cat lover. Murari came to Lata Vaswani with an injured leg, infested with maggots that were slowly eating his flesh away. She immediately contacted the foundation after which Murari was admitted and placed under immediate treatment. The treatment began at YODA (Youth Organisation in Defence of Animals) where the wound was cleaned and dressed, and the maggots flushed out. However, further tests revealed that his limb would have to be amputated.  After several discussions, Murari’s surgery was successfully performed at YODA itself, and now he is a 100 percent fabulous, friendly and perfect — and yet, he is still looking for his forever home.

What’s the point of this story you ask? We think every dog or cat deserves to have a good life in a loving home and should not be overlooked because of their disability. A disability does not mean that a pet will be harder to care for and it certainly does not mean that the pet will be any less lovable. Also, surveys say that if you decide to bring home a second cat, your first cat is more likely to accept a disabled cat.  Some fabulous cats like Murari need a little extra help finding their forever homes — maybe it’s your home?