How WeLove Helped Langdi


September 20, 2018 at 11:00 am by admin

When Langdi was brought to Crown Vet hospital, his tail was still wagging. While some wags are indeed associated with happiness, this was just a cover for the poor 12-year-old who was weak and had been on painkillers for that entire month. He was found under a building staircase in Colaba, after the car he had been sleeping under, went over him.

A true survivor, Langdi was found by a good Samaritan who looked after his needs for that entire month. Langdi had been a victim of the relentless Mumbai traffic in two previous occasions. Getting him immediate medical care, this time, however, was not possible as the doctor who previously treated him after the first two accidents wasn’t in town for a couple of weeks. Langdi was surviving on painkillers for a while before she was picked up by the joint effort and interest of the WeLove Animals Foundation founder Mohit Lalvani and the ‘Welfare For Stray Dogs’ team lead by Mayur and Amod.

Langdi’s toes were completely smashed because of the first accident. This resulted in him having a permanent limp in his walk and being affectionately called ‘Langdi’ by the people residing in that area. Langdi has always been a territorial dog and used to also consider himself the local guardian angel in the area where he slept and scavenged. However, immediately taking him back to the streets after the accident was a bad idea as he was still recovering. He was taken to AMTM to reside, rest and recover and here Langdi was under the constant supervision of a VET and was receiving a saline drip as part of his treatment.


Langdi’s injuries were quite severe and required the help of a specialist at Crown Vet, who was treating his leg and hip for a total of 6 days. Although the treatment was successful, Langdi has a long road to recovery ahead of him. It was slow going at first, as Langdi initially even had problems urinating. He steadily regained his mobility, increased his strength and then hit a ‘recovery’ milestone by moving back to his original location near the Colaba Fire Brigade, where our feeder feeds him and over 40 other strays in the area. Langdi’s medication is also provided by our feeder who keeps a special eye on him.

It might seem to the average citizen that the street dogs here have a pretty horrible life. They are dodging traffic, getting rocks thrown at them and have no reliable source of food or water and no way to keep clean. They fight with each other and often if they get hurt nobody appears to help them.
That is where we are mistaken! Quite often they are cared for in some way by members of the community, even though it may not be immediately apparent.

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