Chutney The Cat’s Purrfect Recovery


September 20, 2018 at 12:01 pm by admin

Chutney was spotted by Salil who used to stumble across a furry feline face poking out from behind a bush near his apartment complex, or when he dashed across the parking lot and disappeared under a parked car. Then one day he saw the watchman of his building feeding the same cat and, on his way back home, found out more about him.

Salil was fascinated by this cat and started sending food down to the watchman. Then one day a friendly furry face showed up at the family’s doorstep and they were glad and even more fascinated by how they were found by Chutney- the cat.

He was named Chutney after Salil’s sister’s cat in America who was loved by all. Chutney never really stuck around the apartment for most of the day. He loved wandering, patrolling and scavenging in his locality. Sometimes he seems a little too docile and used to get bullied by other stray cats. Ever since the Fernandez family opened their doors to chutney he has made himself right at home- at least part-time. Quite often he used to also come back with a hungry feline friend and Salil enjoyed welcoming and feeding his guest.

Things were going well until; Chutney’s health became an issue of major concern. This was caused because his kidneys had started failing and deteriorating rapidly. This was enough reason for Salil to keep him indoors and restrict his diet to renal food sponsored by WeLove Animals Foundation. Keeping him indoors also meant that he would not wander off and eat garbage off the streets. Getting him a cage to ensure this was suggested by his Vet, and Chutney has now warmed up to it. He quietly snuggles in a corner but for majority of the time he enjoys zipping around the apartment and investigate every nook and cranny he could get into.

Saline drips at the Happy Tails clinic was also part of Chutney’s treatment/ recovery. Initially, due to the severity of his condition, he needed to be taken to the clinic for saline drips twice a day. There was a remarkable improvement in Chutney’s health and the creatinine level was bought down from 7 to 4. This improvement in Chutney’s health combined with the difficulty of bringing him in for two sessions a day prompted Salil and WeLove Animals Foundation to decide together and gradually wean him off the saline drips and keep him healthy by controlling and managing his diet. Tuna is his favourite.

“We weren’t really ready for chutney but once he started living with us, we couldn’t give him up. An option of an animal shelter was suggested to me,

but I knew that no shelter will be able to afford his treatment or give him the individual care and attention needed.” Most of the time Chutney even wants to be petted like Bella and Kiki, Salil’s two Yellow Labrador retrievers, which is unlike most cats. It has been 5 months since Chutney has been following this diet which seems to be working in his favour as he is recovering well.

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