Bubbli & Her Tick Trauma


May 21, 2019 at 11:46 am by weloveanimals

Bubbli is the name given to a very cheerful and energetic young Indian stray, who like many of her breed has been roaming the streets since she was born. Bubbli the dog is known in the community for the care she shows towards the people residing in the area. In turn, the whole community cares for Bubbli right back by offering her love, food and water. The feeders from WeLove Animals Foundation are heavily involved with feeding the strays in this area and Bubbli is provided her daily morning meal. For several months, the story of Bubbli’s life was a pleasant, but a pretty uneventful one. Then one day in September 2018, a medical mystery/emergency resulting from tick bites tested the Foundation’s resolve as caretakers.

Tick fever is a disease which is steadily rising in Indian cities. It can infect the brain, cause awful tremors, anorexia, arrhythmia (an irregular heartbeat), blood clotting and in some cases death. It is carried by ticks, a parasite disliked by everyone since time immemorial as they are unpleasant, unwelcome, suck our blood and spread disease.  What many people don’t know is that those annoying pests/ticks spread tick fever amongst our furry best friends.

One frightful night we found Bubbli in a pool of blood. When one of our feeders found Bubbli in this condition, her tail was severely wounded and her dark eyes were bulging from her head, pleading for help. When she was taken to Crown Vet, one of Mumbai’s best animal hospitals, she had no energy left and was bleeding heavily. The WeLove and Crown Vet team worked tirelessly for three weeks, giving her top notch veterinary care, special medication and plenty of love. After she made her complete recovery, Bubbli was release back in her area where our feeders provide her food and medication. Bubbli is now hale, hearty and ‘bubbly’ once again.

Bubbli has been one of our strongest survivors and there is so much to learn and share from this experience. Here is a list of symptoms exhibited by a dog with tick fever:
-Blood loss, anemia, skin irritations, and infections
-A lack of appetite, fever, nosebleeds, runny eyes and nose, weight loss, depression, eye problems, bleeding through the skin and bruising, vomiting, diarrheal, joint pain, stiffness of the neck and seizures.