Feed the strays is our primary program. Every day of the year, our 60 strays near the Colaba Fire Brigade area devour a nutritious meal prepared for them. Our team of dedicated feeders sticks to their fixed schedule, while also taking care of some animals with medical aid. We cover other areas in the city by providing eager volunteers with food and other amenities. Our team frequently receives several queries from animal-lovers across the city who want to replicate this initiative in their areas. Today, with the help of these volunteers, our community continues to grow and we feed over 250 stray cats and dogs on a daily basis in Mumbai.


Ready to add another loving member to your family? One of our goals here at the foundation is to help facilitate adoptions in order to reduce stray over-population by providing loving homes for all the homeless pets. We try to give homeless, abandoned and abused animals a safe, loving environment to live a second chance of happiness while at the same time helping compassionate humans share their lives with a companion who loves unconditionally.


WeLove Animals Foundation is dedicated to providing timely medical aid to stray and abandoned animals. We aim to reach out to the animals we find diseased and starving on our streets and provide them with food and the correct/preventative medical care. This includes cases of accidents and other medical emergencies such as organ failure, tick fever etc. as well as rabies inoculations and other vaccinations.


We ensure that neutering or spaying your cat doesn’t have to be a daunting decision. We work with trusted veterinary doctors in Mumbai who have a very effective and efficient system in place to take care of the entire process- right from picking up the cat from a certain location to dropping him/her off after the surgery has been successfully performed.
Un-neutered cats may be more inclined to roam away from home, increasing their risk of being involved in traffic accidents. As male un-neutered cats tend to be more aggressive, they are more likely to fight with other cats. They are more prone to injure themselves and are more susceptible to diseases. Un-neutered female cats are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer as they age. When your female cat is in season, she could have as many as four litters each year, with up to six kittens in each litter.


A man who loves animals almost to the point of insanity. This incredible human being currently houses and takes care of over 100 animals that include dogs, cats, goats, ducks, hens, and a few more species. What’s even more amazing about this is that they all live peacefully under one roof without fighting or attacking each other and without any cages or borders.

Prior to 2014 Shyam Shankar Narayan Iyer was a practicing Homeopathy doctor and had what we would we call a “Normal” life. However, he could not turn a blind eye to all the suffering animals were subjected to and discriminating between any form of life was incomprehensible to him.

He has dug into his savings to rescue and nurse animals back to health and is not done yet. He is on a mission to save as many animals as he can. Unfortunately, this takes up all his time and he is unable to keep his practice going, which has resulted in all his savings being depleted. His endless love for all animals has moved us at our core and we are continually raising funds to help support him do ‘God’s work’- In Dr. Iyer’s case it’s more than just a clever catchphrase, it’s the real deal.


We hope to support the efforts of philanthropic individuals and other organizations who protect animals, alleviate suffering and improve public consciousness. Animal shelters/rescues are in a constant struggle to obtain funding to continue operating and functioning. Funding is required for these shelters to plan and account for the different types of animals as well.

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Educative Sessions

We have conducted several events in school to sensitize children on how to treat strays. We have even organized therapy dog sessions at schools.