The Tale of Buffy the Golden Retriever Puppy And Her New Home

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August 09, 2019 at 5:52 am by weloveanimals

“I love her but can’t keep her due to my allergies”. These were the parting words of Buffy’s original pet parents while putting Buffy up for adoption. Buffy or Barfi as she was formerly known is an adorable Golden Retriever, who was put up for adoption by her first pet parents due to certain health problems faced by them. As a result, they were not able to attend to Buffy with their full attention.

The foundation received a text from Buffy’s first pet parents explaining how they had an emergency situation on their hands. One look at the pictures they sent us, and we took it as a sign that we had to intervene and find Buffy a new home. Our founder, Payal Patel, got in touch with Ananda Boga, who just 2 days prior, had mentioned that he was looking to adopt a puppy. Ananda had recently suffered the loss of his beloved Labrador Amber and was looking to fill the void by welcoming a pet into his home and heart.

Once Ananda was contacted, everything else followed suit and Buffy found a new home within 3 hours of getting the word out!  After all the formalities were taken care of, we arranged for Buffy to be dropped off at her new home- for the first meeting. Buffy was a little nervous during the entire car ride as she could sense a change coming into her life. We were all wondering how she would react to her new family but to our surprise, she reacted and adjusted phenomenally- just like a puppy would react to her first pet parents. Everyone at the foundation couldn’t be happier that Buffy has finally found her forever family. Buffy is now a year and four months old and she is healthy, happy, super friendly and an absolutely adorable little dog.