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May 06, 2019 at 9:12 am by weloveanimals


The little fuzzballs we know and love are also

occasionally scary:

sharper teeth, sharper claws,

didn’t know Cookie was that strong

growling, deeper and louder,

running, leaping faster than I have seen before

the neighbours won’t return to my house unless Cookie is tied up

occasionally scared:

big, big eyes, quicker paws, scared of my neighbour’s pet dog’s barking’s increasing volume

whimpering, higher and softer,

scampering, crouching under the table to hide

the neighbours should keep Hercules away before

someone gets hurt

occasionally annoying:

ripping up my favourite sofa

chewing my stuffed toys

eating my homework

but no amount of scolding will make Cookie stop

no amount of tying up will make Cookie and Hercules friends

and no amount of pleading can make me tie her up

Hercules, watch out!

occasionally annoyed:

meeeeeoooowwww. mmmrrriaaaagghoow.

wuff! woof! bow-wow! ruff!

they really hate each other

this isn’t one of the times I wish I knew what they said

who knows what they’re arguing about

scuffles are common; they keep things exciting

bring your pet to school days are a nightmare


everyone in the world should have a pet

everyone in the world should love a pet

everyone in the world should adopt a pet

it’s worth it.

– by Anousha Narayanan (Age:14)